Classic $35

Our Classic Pedicure is a delightful way to relax and soften your feet. Services included are feet soak, cuticle works, foot and leg massage

Green Tea $38

Detox time! Detoxify and hydrate your feet with green tea extract! Green Tea is used to reduce the dryness of the skin. It also prevents premature aging!

Cucumber Fresh $38

Need some glow? Freshen your vibe for a vibrant, healthy glow with cucumber extract. Cucumber helps mask all problem areas and help soothe and soften your skin.

Tangerine Twist $38

Keep your feet happy and healthy with Vitamin C! Tangerine contains anti-fungal and antiseptic properties to help prevent and treat skin infections.

Lavender Relief $40

Stressed? Relieve with Lavender Oil Extract! Lavender extract contains antiseptic and anti-fungal to help reduce scarring and speed up healing.

Jasmine Soothe $40

Feeling discomfort? Soothe and purify your skin with Jasmine petal extract. Improves skin’s elasticity and helps fade scars.

Ocean Refresh $40

Swollen feet? Refresh and cool with marine algae peppermint. The extract helps to increase blood circulation and gives the feet a cooling sensation.

Watermelon Burst $42

This limited-edition spa pedicure kit is a sweet burst of summer! Watermelon extract and Vitamins C & E provide powerful antioxidants and an instant burst of hydration.

Tropical Paradise $42

Tropical Paradise - Missing the beach? Our tropical pedicure is a delightful way to relax and soften your feet inspired by the fruit of the tropics. It will surely remind you of your perfect paradise vacation.

Mango Delight $42

Contains Mango Extract with Vitamin C, which works to reduce inflammation. Also prevents collagen damage that keeps our skin elastic and aging.

Milk & Honey $47

You are going to "bee" in love with this pedicure! the sweet milk bath provides exfoliation, followed by a sugar scrub that enhances the honey base massage. Includes callus remover that soften your heels within minutes. This pedicure package is our customer's most favorite pampering experience

Aloe Vera $47

Aloe Vera care is a new level of rejuvenating your skin. The nature of this plant mineral will keep your feet and hands looking soft, smooth, and reduce scarring or sunburns. Includes a callus remover packet softens your heels within minutes.

Collagen $50

Collagen bubble crystals are formulated with natural sea salt to relieve stress. A creamy mask draws out impurities and muscle-relaxing gel is an instance revitalizer for muscle tension. The creamy lotion will leave skin smooth throughout the day.
*Free Gift* Collagen Serum Lotion.

Charcoal $50

The activated black charcoal is a naturally magnetic and incredibly porous ingredient in eradicating dirt, oil, and odor-causing bacteria deep within the pores. The 4-step the regimen is crafted act as a facial for your feet.

Volcano $60

Volcano Ash is a mother nature skin purifier with a detoxing volcano crystal. The heat from the exfoliator will remove the outer layer of your dead skin. Afterward, a collagen mask, lotion, and foot booties will be applied to leave your skin to replenish and fresh.


Gel Color $10
Gel French $15
Hot Rocks Massage $5
Extra Massage $15 / 10 Mins


Classic Manicure $20 & Up

Includes a hand soak, cuticle work, hand massage

Luxury Manicure $26 & Up

(regular mani with gloves collagen headbang)

Gel | Shellac Manicure $34 & Up

Classic manicure with gel polish

Gel | Shellac Only $24 & Up
Acrylic Full Set $45 & Up

Regular or Gel polish is the same price.

Acrylic Fill $35 & Up
Dip Powder Overlay $40 & Up
Dip Clear w/Gel Polish $45 & Up
Dip Powder Overlay w/Manicure $48 & Up
Dip Powder w/Tip Extensions $50 & Up
Dip Ombre $60 & Up
Dip Acrylic $55 & Up